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General user question

Submitting contributions

General user questions

How can I get a new login URL?

Your invitation included a personal URL that allows you to log in automatically and keeps you logged in for four weeks unless you log out. If you can't get into the site, we can send you a new personal URL. There are two ways to get one:

  • Click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and select My profile from the drop down menu; once on your profile page, click the "Manage profile and settings" button and then click on the "Send new link" button. The system will send you an email with a new personal URL you can use to access the site.
  • You can also send send an email to telling us you're having trouble accessing the site; we'll send you a new personal URL.

How can I edit my profile?

Log in to the site, as described above. Click on your user name in the upper right corner of the screen and select "My profile." Once on your profile page, select "Manage profile and settings." Fill out and save your profile, and don't forget to upload a photo.

Why do I keep getting error messages on the site?

If you're receiving error messages, it may be because you're using Internet Explorer. The Pandemic Supermind Activation site functions best on Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. If you encounter difficulties while using those browsers, please contact us at

Can I message other members on the platform?

Yes, you can send messages to other members via the messaging system. To do this, open the profile of the person you'd like to contact and select "Send message." They will receive notification on the site and be sent an email message as well. Members can send a maximum of 15 messages per 24 hour period. 

Do you have a policy or guidelines on community etiquette?

Yes, please see the Community standards section of the About page.


Submitting contributions

Who can submit a contribution?

The Pandemic Supermind Activation is open to invited participants, who have been chosen because their expertise can contribute to gaining deeper understanding of the potential futures that could emerge.

How can I contribute to the platform?

Log in, then go to the "Participate" tab. Select the category for which you would like to make a contribution. A new page will open. Simply click "Contribute" and fill out the fields in the form.

What is the format for submissions?

When you start to create a contribution, a form will appear, showing the sections that need to be completed.

What if my contribution falls under more than one category?

Select the domain that you think is most applicable. Contributions can sometimes touch on more than one category—a diagnostic advance might also have an impact on transmission control. The most interesting contributions may cut across several domains. It is best to think about the root cause of the contribution you are considering and to choose the most relevant domain based on that.

How can I save a draft of a contribution?

In order to save a contribution, you must submit it at the same time. But you can always go back and edit or even delete your contribution after it has been initially submitted. Don't worry about posting work-in-progress on the site. Other members may see your draft and make useful comments.

How can I know my submission has been completed?

Once you click "Save and Submit," it should appear on the site under the category you ahve chosen.

Can I come back later to edit my submission?

You can always edit your submissions by logging into your account, clicking on the contribution, and then clicking Edit.

How much time should participants spend contributing to the site?

To ensure that a broad range of perspectives are represented, we ask participants to spend 1-3 hours per week on the site.

How do I delete a contribution?

Go to the Admin tab on your contribution page and click the delete button.

Can I participate in more than one category?

Yes, you can submit in any domain.

How can I include images in my contribution?

If you would like to include images in your contribution, you will first need to upload them onto a public image hosting site (such as FlickrImguror ImageShack).

Once the image is on the hosting site, you can select the "Insert Image" icon (a small square that looks like a landscape painting). A pop up menu will appear. Copy your image's URL from the image hosting site and paste it into the URL field in the pop up. You may also want to adjust the image's dimensions by selecting its height and/or width, which are measured in pixels.

Here is an example of how you could follow these steps, using the image hosting site Imgur as an example. Go to and join, or if you already have an account, log in. Click on your name in the top right of the screen and select “Images” from the drop down menu. Click the “Add images” button. A pop up will appear, and you can either drag and drop an image file into the square at the center of the pop up or click on “Browse” and select the image from a folder on your computer and upload it.

After uploading the image, click on its icon. On the right-hand side of the screen, you can see a table. Go to "Direct Link" and click on the “Copy” button. The link will save to your clipboard. It will be a URL that starts with and then includes a string of other characters.

Go to your contribution and select the place in the text field where you would like to insert the image. Select the image icon (the small square that looks like a landscape portrait). A popup will appear. Copy the URL from the clipboard into the URL box and type in the number of pixels you would like in the Width and/or Height fields. Then click OK, and your image will appear in the text field.

Do you have an example of what a good contribution might look like?

Please refer to sample contributions in each category to get an sense what the organizing team envisions.

What are the copyrights on contributions?

Everything posted is subject to our Creative Commons License, which is at the bottom of each page of the website and linked here: