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Facilitator’s note, May 25

Dear Life Sciences Supermind,

Many thanks for your contributions during the first three weeks of our exercise! We received 136 contributions and 137 comments. It was especially good to see all of your comments and the robust discussion taking place throughout the platform.

Over the past few days, our team has used natural language processing (NLP) tools and an iterative process to group the contributions into 20 clusters of related ideas. During the final phase, we now ask you to reflect on these clusters of ideas from two perspectives:

· Impact: Which clusters have potential to drive the greatest transformation of the life sciences sector in the future?

· Feasibility: Which clusters are most reasonably expected to be implementable and achievable in the near future?

On the site, you will see now see the clusters listed under the two categories noted above. In each list, you will see a short title and slightly longer tag-line. If you click on any item, you can also see a description that provides more detail and a link to all of the underlying contributions included in the selected cluster.

We would like you to provide your assessment about the potential impact and feasibility of these clusters of ideas by voting.

You will have 15 total votes per category and can allocate between 1 and 5 votes for any individual cluster. Voting closes on 11:59 PM ET on Wednesday, June 2, 2021.

During the voting phase, you are also welcome to comment on the clusters or any prior contributions received in the original categories.

If you have any questions, kindly contact myself (

Best wishes and looking forward to your participation!

David Sun Kong, Ph.D.