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Facilitator’s note, May 20

Dear Life Sciences Supermind,

Thank you all so much for your engagement on the platform! And for those that attended the Super Sessions, it was an honor brainstorming with you live. I personally deeply enjoyed those sessions and hope you found them as inspiring as I did!

Our team is currently categorizing the contributions you have submitted in preparation for next week’s voting phase.

But you can still contribute. The section of the site called Last Call for Contributions, will be open for submissions until Friday, May 21 at 11:59 pm Eastern US time. For those of you who participated in Super Sessions, please submit your contributions by the deadline as well!

Contributions submitted there will be categorized along with all others prior to the start of voting.

You can also comment on and support submissions made earlier in the six original subject domains.

We’ll be in touch at the end of the week with details about voting.

Thank you again for your continued energy and activity on the platform!

Best Regards,

David Sun Kong, Ph.D.
Community Biotechnology Initiative
MIT Media Lab